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Scottish Independence
Paul G
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Submitted : 12-07-2014 10:48
Amended : 10-06-2020 17:07
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"In the event of a Yes vote in the Scottish referendum, the UK government should make it a condition of accepting Scottish independence that the oil revenues should be shared on a
per capita basis (i.e. 10% to Scotland), in exactly the same way as liabilities are to be shared."

If you agree with this proposal, please give your support on the UK Government's Petition website.  Click on or paste into your browser:



Status: Approved
Reply Date : 12-07-2014 14:20
Author : georgebundle
How fair is fair?
Paul G’s proposal concerning the outcome of the Scottish Independence vote in relation to North Sea Oil revenue is very fair. In 300 odd years during which Scotland was part of the United Kingdom has anyone detected any fairness in that relationship?

No doubt, there will be two diametrically opposite answers forthcoming – one from each side. What are the chances of the Scottish Independence issue being decided on the basis of fairness?