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Identity Politics
Paul G
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Human Rights
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Identity Politics

What is this fierce obsession with identity?
Are all you narcissists so insecure,
so doubtful of  your personal validity,
the only way you think you can be sure
the world will give you adequate respect
is if you scream and shout that you’re unique;
and if someone should foolishly object,
you tell them they are not allowed to speak.

But has it not at some time crossed your mind,
when thrusting down our throats your point of view
that, of the past and present of mankind,
what you contend will resonate with few..
Might you not see, after much earnest thought,
it's you and not the world which is at fault?

Most of us think inclusion is the key
to rid the world of bigotry and hate.
Pray take a moment to explain to me
why you feel bound to individuate?
Why do you wish to draw the world’s attention
to what, from all the rest, sets you apart?
Does that not clearly grate with the contention
that we should see us all as one at heart?

And if the demons whisper in your head,
that you see truths to which mankind is blind,
it’s far more likely you have lost the thread, 
the victim of a sadly troubled mind?

Rather than strutting on a lonely mound
re-join the rest of us on common ground.


To give you a more rational perspective
here are some tips, both measured and reflective.
You cannot take the credit or the blame
for deeds, long past, done in another’s name;
nor can you charge your forebears with a crime
for deeds considered custom in their time.
And as for using evils of the past
as an excuse for always coming last,
it’s not by history that you are curst;
your doubt alone prevents you coming first.

It’s true that prejudice is commonplace,
it’s something almost everyone must face;
but if you wish to counter bile and hate
retaliate with rational debate.
It’s ignorant and arrogant and trite
to claim that only you know what is right.
Only the blindly bigoted and weak
forbid whoever disagrees to speak.

Vouchsafed some twenty years of education
are you to be the tainted generation
that in an act of intellectual treason
calmly abjures reality and reason.

Beware the law about causing offence
(if I offend, then I commit a crime)
Your views unsound, unfounded make no sense,
offending me acutely all the time. 

And ‘though you blank reality and reason
to wander over barren winter shores,
you must concede, however cold the season
my feelings merit parity with yours.

Of course your feelings mean a lot to you;
of course you’re sure that what you feel is true;
but age will make it crystal clear to youth 
that what you feel is a poor guide to truth.
If reason and reality are scorned,
you have no means to judge ‘twixt good and bad
or what is true or false – the world suborned
must now seem meaningless and rather sad.

So let this truth take traction in your mind;
you are just one of billions of your kind.
It’s what you do while briefly here on earth
that is the only measure of your worth;
not colour of your hair or eyes or skin
but whether you work hard enough to win;
not whom you choose to love, but how you treat 
all those whom on your way through life you meet;
whether when others, trapped in desperate need
can look to you for help in word and deed;
whether when weary and in need of rest,
you know in mind and heart you did your best.

Paul Georgiou
2022 08 15

Paul Georgiou
2022 08 15