21 May 2024 12:59:50 GMT

The Third Rock Forum - About Us

 The primary purpose of the Third Rock Forum (TRF) is to provide intelligent, thoughtful and concerned individuals anywhere in the world with the opportunity to make constructive contributions to debates about local, national and global issues.

It is hoped that these debates will:
  • clarify complex issues
  • challenge dubious orthodoxy
  • generate new, practical ideas on how to deal with the world's major problems.

The Editorial of The Third Rock Forum

The TRF editorial panel assesses each contribution according to the following criteria:

  • Is the content interesting, original and constructive?
  • Are the arguments rational and coherently presented?
  • Is the contribution well-written?


Given that many of the world's problems are caused by the established systems and the 'conventional wisdom', we welcome radical and innovative ideas - on condition they fulfil the editorial criteria set out above.

Opinions expressed in all contributions are those of the authors and are not necessarily endorsed by the TRF webmaster or the TRF editorial panel.

Any contributions containing abusive or libelous material are unacceptable.