14 April 2024 05:15:56 GMT

The Third Rock Forum - Help

How to enrol

Go to Login, click on New Members Registration and complete the Registration form

How to contribute

To add a new contribution, go to Section on the top menu, select the appropriate section (i.e. subject category) and click on New Discussion (just below the section title). A new screen will open where you can give your new contribution a heading, allocate it to a secondary and tertiary section if it is relevant to more than one section, and start writing. If the article is of any length, you may wish to prepare the text in your word processor and then copy and paste the finished version into the TRF window. Don't forget to make sure the heading appears in the heading box and that, if appropriate, you have allocated the article to one or more secondary sections.

To comment on an existing contribution, go to the bottom of the contribution and Add a Reply.

NB: To add a new contribution or to start a new thread relating to an existing contribution, you must be a member.

How to distribute your contribution

When logged in, go to your contribution and click on the Email Distribution button just above the first line of the article. A list of all members will appear. Either click the ‘Include all members’ box at the top of the list or select the names/nicknames of those whom you wish to receive your contribution. Then click Finish. If the contribution has already been approved, the contribution will be emailed immediately. The recipients will receive an email, headed Third Rock Forum Article, the title of your contribution and a link to the article itself.

If the contribution has not yet been approved, you can set up the Distribution list before approval. Proceed as above and click Finish. Distribution will then take place automatically as soon as the contribution is approved.

How to notify the editorial panel of any offensive material

Use the Contact Us facility of the top menu.

How to leave the Third Rock Forum

Go to Login. Click the Un-Enrol Me box.

A message will appear saying: “If you un-enrol, all your login details will be deleted and you will no longer receive any contributions from the Third Rock Forum.”